Greensboro, North Carolina Travel Guide

With its outer ring of city sprawl and aging brick buildings, Greensboro might not seem very attractive at first, but allow it to grow on you. This city is full of energy, a feeling of possibility and excitement created by an influx of travelers, which include immigrants, business people, and students from across the globe. This mix of native and new folks makes this unassuming city very diverse in virtually all aspects of daily life. Thanks to some colleagues of mine who own an Edmonton garbage bin rental company and recently visited Greensboro, here are the top must-see attractions in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Greensboro Science Center

North Carolina is one of the most science-oriented states in the U.S. thanks to the Research Triangle. Located a bit to the north of the city on Lawndale Drive, the Greensboro Science Center is the number one museum for science fans. Its emphasis is heavily on biology, so a huge collection of land and marine animals are hosted here, including blue poison dark frogs and Chilean tarantulas. You will also find SKYWILD, an adventure park and exhibits dedicated to health, dinosaurs, and weather.

North Carolina State Capitol

Dating back to the 17th century, the Capitol is a stylish building at the city’s heart. Although it doesn’t host the legislature again, the governor still works here. Today, a tour of the Capitol provides an imaginative peek into how the governance of the state functioned for more than 100 years. Also, it includes a reconstruction of what the State Library looked like in 1856.

Weatherspoon Art Museum

The Weatherspoon Art Museum is located within the premises of the state university. It is a cultural treasure that any visual arts lover would love to visit. Its doors first opened in 1941 and it features a huge collection of big-name artists’ modern works like Warhol, Calder, Bourgeois de Kooning, and Rauschenberg. Basically, the museum showcases the past century best America art. Also, the museum hosts a schedule of workshops and informative talks, so you can learn more about the artists and their works.

National Military Park

This revolutionary war revelation is a must-see for those interested in the War of American Independence. The national monument was built in commemoration of the Guilford Courthouse Battle which happened in 1781. Located just some miles north of the city’s downtown area, this park is more than a memorial. It is also home to about 2.5 miles of historic trails, and you can join tours to follow the flow and ebb of the battle.