Guam Travel Guide

Guam is a tropical paradise complete with coral reefs and powdery beaches teeming with underwater life. Since 1950, Guam has been a US territory and there are just two seasons: rainy (July to November) and dry (December to June). Don’t let the rain keep you away as the downpours are usually brief. This island is best known for its Chamorro culture, beaches, and historical sites stemming from both World War II and Spanish colonization. Read to find out all the fun things you can do in Guam.

Dumeng Bay

Dumeng Bay is a meniscus-shaped and narrow Bay along the Philippine Sea with the highest concentration of tourists. Along this bay, there is a wide range of entertainment facilities, shopping places, and high-end hotels. In this sea area, clear fish, slow water, and shallow waves abound, making it a great place for snorkeling. Beyond that, there are also many churches on this bay, including the popular Rainbow Church.

Crystal Church

If you are looking for a place to hold a romantic wedding, the Crystal Church in Guam is your best bet. Not only is Crystal Church the most famous crystal church in Guam, but it is also the best church. The church is so named because of its glass lining, white chairs, and white piano lining. The blue sea and sky are visible from every corner of the window of the church. It is located at the headland on the northern side of Du Meng Wan.

Underwater World

The Underwater World is an aquarium funded by Duty-Free Shop and Louis Vuitton. It was constructed and designed by a world-renowned company, a US Aquarium Team Inc. The ocean world is on the first and second floors and it displays diversified fauna and flora. The Sam Choy restaurant is on the third and fourth floors, and it offers international standard catering services to visitors. Inside this aquarium is a 122m long acrylic tunnel, which is Asia’s longest underwater tunnel. To simulate a real underwater world, the tunnel has colorful coral reefs and tropical fish, as well as the wrecks of sunken ships and fake planes. If you want to have a close encounter with the sea creatures, you can swim with feed sharks and turtles under the guidance of the aquarium’s divers.

St. Laguna Wedding Chapel

The St. Laguna Wedding Chapel is sometimes referred to as the “Church of the Sea”. The overall design element of this church is water, the interior and exterior base are pure water and also features iridescent glass, making the church look like a rainbow floating on water.